Photochain is the next generation of photostocks

Using blockchain technology, the Photochain Dapp returns the control and the trust of the photography marketplace to the content producer.
Traditional photostocks are often associated with limitations and high fees for the photographer - these businesses can end up taking 90% of the works’ earnings.
With Photochain, the lack of need for an intermediary means the seller sets their own terms of sale, and can take home 95% of the revenue generated from sales.
The other 5% goes into a community pot, which is used for rewarding moderators and upkeep of the network.

We created a native blockchain DApp prototype that works.

Fully serverless application

Decentralized DB based on IPFS protocol

Native blockchain technology

Works on the real Ethereum testnet

Characteristics of Photochain DApp


The benefit of blockchain technology means transactions are fully secure and verifiable at all times for both the photographer and the buyer

Decentralised storage

Digital works, as well as all transaction data are stored in a decentralised and encrypted manner. This is done using the IPFS protocol and Photochain DB.


The Dapp is to be used exclusively for trading stock photography. Content that doesn’t fit the rules will be filtered using in-house developed bots.


By employing machine learning bots and also incentivising of the Photochain community through rewards.

Photochain Vision

P2P Marketplace

We want to let buyers and sellers determine their own terms of sale and purchase, so we allow them to trade directly with one another.

Easy Onboarding

A simple identity verification for all photographers. Unlike with traditional photostocks, a user can be actively selling work in minutes.

Digital Copyright Chain

On a decentralised Photochain DB, each uploaded photo is linked to a photographer through a blockchain transaction. This link cannot be removed or manipulated in any way.

Crypto Economy

Our team aspires to help contribute to building a fairer crypto economy. Decentralised services like Photochain are a big step towards this.


Photochain Token

PHOTON Token (PHT) is the means of payment in the Photochain DApp and represents trading with digital, visual works. 

Photochain Crowdsale

Our crowdsale will occur in two phases: a pre-sale to early investors and a main sale.
We’ll publish weekly blogs on the Crowdsales, keeping close communication with the community.
We aim to be fully transparent for all crowdsale phases, so we will publish all Crowdsale Smart Contracts to the blockchain early, for everyone to verify. Tokens sold during the sale will be frozen in agreement with the terms of these Smart Contracts. Tokens are only sent to investors at the end of the Crowdsale round.

Token facts

 Name: PHOTON Token (PHTs)

Standard: Ethereum ERC20, utility based

Max Supply (Hard Cap): 500,000,000 pre-mint

Release date: issued at Pre-Sale

Represented value: trade of digital visual works


April 2017


Idea, business case and market research

Juni 2017

Project evaluation

Development of the DApp prototype

15 Sep 2017

Strategy & Design

Go-Live of the DApp prototype

October 2017

Preparation for crowdsale

Communication and marketing activities

Commitment of the Blockchain Community

Commitment of the photography community

Legal form

Advisers and new team members

Q4 2017

Pre-Sale preparations

Pre-Sale at special discounts for eraly investors

Q1 2018


Alpha-version of the Photochain DApp

Offline events for Photographers (Meetups etc.)

Continuous Marketing Measures

Q1 2018

Main Sale event

Partnerships with Cryptoexchanges

Q2 2018


Photochain DApp Version 1.0 on the Ethereum Mainnet

Trading of the PHT Tokens at Crypto Exchanges

Q3 2018

Continual improvement

Photochain DApp as standalone client on all common operating systems


Our Disrupting Team

Meet the team working on making Photochain happen.

Stanislav Stolberg

Co-Founder, CEO

InfoSec Consultant
Digital Transformation Manager
Arthur Ishmetev

Co-Founder, CTO

Software Architect
Full-Stack Developer
Haris Rana

Community Manager

Marketing Expert
Blockchain Enthusiast
Paulo Renato Dallagnol 

Legal Adviser

Intellectual Property Lawyer
Copyright & Blockchain
Ralf Gerteis 

Business Development

Interim Manager
Blockchain Enthusiast
Charles Becquet


Marketing Executive
Photostock Industry Expert
Dr. Jeannette Heinert


Doctor of Medicine
Blockchain Enthusiast
Alexander Sverdlov

Security Adviser

Cyber Security Strategy
Lukasz Musialski


Co-founder at Iconiq Lab


Get in touch

Drop us a line at: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Is photochain a new blockchain?
Photochain is a Dapp, a decentralised application, built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS protocol. Photochain is its own closed system that operates on the computing power of the ethereum virtual machine.
What is the DCC and how does it reduce copyright issues?
The Digital Copyright Chain is to be a database that is stored on the blockchain. The purpose of this database is to maintain data that securely links a digital work to its artist. Such a system will reduce the number of copyright infringements as ownership is easily identifiable.
How can I get involved as a contributor?
Please contact us if you would like to contribute digital photography to our alpha version (to be released Q1 2018). Photochain V.1. will be live in Q2 2018, where you will be able to sign up directly on the Dapp.
How can i get involved as an investor?
We are holding a pre-crowdsale soon followed by a full crowdsale early 2018. Please sign up at the top of the page for more information on how invest and receive your 30% early investment discount.
Will any more tokens be issued after the crowdsale?
No, all unsold photons will be burnt. In the interest of fairness, no new tokens are to be issued after the crowdsale.
What is the motivation for photochain?
Through our own personal dissatisfaction of dealing with the complicated nature of off-chain photostocks. Where you must agree to a range of conditions imposed on you, only for you to take home a small percentage of your works. Photochain is motivated to provide a fair marketplace for the trading of digital works.
Will the photon token be exchange listed and tradable?
Yes, photons will be listed on several major exchanges. We will also build our own internal exchange mechanism in due course.
Who are the competitors?
No blockchain based competitors directly in the photography space. Whilst we are not the first project to tackle the issue of digital copyright claims - we work with these other projects, rather than compete.