The stock photography revolution

Photochain uses blockchain technology to reinvent photostocks around the buyers and the sellers

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Liberalization of stock photography

Decentralized platform photochain
Very popular centralized competitor
  • earnings of contibutor
  • time of payout
    10 seconds
    1 month
  • verification period
    less than 10 minutes
    2 weeks
  • own pricing
    by design
    not possible

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Our native blockchain DApp

Our native blockchain Photochain DApp platform
  • Security icon


    Blockchain allows fully secure and verifiable transactions for both buyers and sellers. You can trust your works are safe.

  • Decentralised icon


    Digital works are encrypted and stored on the decentralized database. No central business controls your uploaded photography.

  • Contents icon


    The DApp is to be used exclusively for trading photography. We use bots to ensure only acceptable content is listed.

  • Copyright icon


    Your work is permanently linked to your identity throughout the blockchain. This and machine learning plus our active community, protect you against fraud.

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Photochain Vision

Photochain Vision Scheme

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Our whitepaper tells you all you need to know about the development of the platform

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Photochain Vision

  • P2P Marketplace

    We want buyers and sellers determine their own terms of sale, so we allow them to trade directly with one another

  • Easy Onboarding

    A simple identity verification for all photographers. Unlike with traditional photostocks, a user can be actively selling work in minutes

  • Digital Copyright Chain

    Our decentralized database ensures each uploaded photo is permanently linked to its owner. This link cannot be changed removed or manipulated in any way.

  • Crypto Economy

    We are helping to build a crypto economy, where we have more control over our data. A fairer economy where you are rewarded for your work.


Photochain Token

We are realizing the Photochain DApp through the Photon token sale. We have successfully completed our private pre-sale and our main sale will begin on 6th of April 2018.

In line with best practices during the main sale, the amount of Photon tokens issued will have a realistic hard cap, at which point we will close the sale. PHT tokens will be issued following the end of the main sale. It may take up to 30 days to fully distribute all tokens.

To prevent us falling foul of potential future regulations, we ask for a KYC and anti-money laundering check for each contributor to the token sales. This protects both contributors and us. This also reflects our long-term commitment to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements that may be required of us.

  • About:

    PHOTON Token is the means of reward in the Photochain Ecosystem and represents the tokenization of digital visual works.

  • Name:

    PHOTON Token (PHTs)

  • Standard:

    Ethereum ERC20, utility based

  • Max Supply (Hard Cap):


  • Release date:

    issued after crowdfunding

  • Represented value:

    tokenization of digital visual works

Token allocation chart
  • Token Allocation
  • 79% Crowdsale
  • 11% Team & Management
  • 7% Bounties and Partners
  • 3% Legal & Advisory
Token allocation chart
  • Use of Proceeds
  • 30% Marketing
  • 30% IT Development
  • 8% Infrastructure
  • 10% Copyright and Licensing
  • 5% R&D and Platform Evolution
  • 4% Legal, Accounting and Audit
  • 4% Cooperations with Photo Agencies
  • 4% Allocation to contributors
  • 3% Business Development
  • 2% Business Development

Mentioned in


  • Idea

    Idea, business case and market research

  • Project evaluation

    Development of the DApp prototype

  • Strategy & Design

    Go-Live of the DApp prototype

  • Preparation for crowdsale

    Communication and marketing activities
    Commitment of the Blockchain Community
    Commitment of the photography community
    Legal form
    Advisers and new team members

  • Pre-Sale preparations

    Private Pre-Sale at special discounts for eraly supporters

  • Private Pre-Sale preparations

    Private Pre-Sale at special discounts for early supporters
    Enhanced documentation and planning
    New team members
    Community growing
    New partnerships

  • Transition

    Preparation for Main Sale Event
    Compliance and regulations
    Developing a more comprehensive Photochain DAPP version

  • Main Sale event (ICO)

    Publishing of new collaboration partners

    Regulatory compliance for our Main Sale Event

  • Operation

    Photochain DApp Version 1.0 on the Ethereum
    Trading of the PHT Tokens at Crypto Exchanges

  • Continual improvement

    Photochain DApp as standalone client on all common operating systems


  • Stanislav Stolberg

    Stanislav Stolberg

    Co-Founder, CEO

    InfoSec Consultant
    Digital Transformation Manager

  • Arthur Ishmetev

    Arthur Ishmetev

    Blockchain Developer

    Software Architect
    Full-Stack Developer

  • Haris Rana

    Haris Rana


    Marketing Expert
    Blockchain Enthusiast

  • Ralf Gerteis

    Ralf Gerteis

    Business Development

    Interim Manager
    Blockchain Enthusiast

  • Jakub Stefański

    Jakub Stefański


    Software Engineer FinTech
    Lead Blockchain Developer

  • Dr. Jeannette Heinert

    Dr. Jeannette Heinert


    Doctor of Medicine
    Blockchain Enthusiast

  • Artur Gugelew

    Artur Gugelew

    Financial Strategy Advisor

    Financial Engineer
    Cash & Derivatives Exchange Specialist

  • Brian Colwell

    Brian Colwell

    Blockchain Evangelist

    Marketing and Advertising

  • Dylan Sharkey

    Dylan Sharkey

    Sales and Investment Relations

    Ex LinkedIn & Enterprise Ireland

  • Samuel Manzanera

    Samuel Manzanera

    Technology and Software Architecture Analyst

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Peter Lai

    Peter Lai

    Blockchain Developer

    Full-Stack Developer

Advisory Board

  • Sven Moeller

    Sven Moeller

    ICO Strategy Adviser

    Head of Initial Coin Offering at Swisscom Blockchain AG

  • Alexander Sverdlov

    Alexander Sverdlov

    Security Adviser

    Cyber Security Strategy

  • Audrey Baverei

    Audrey Baverel

    Crypto Tax & Accounting Adviser

    CFO, Founder, CEO Happen Consult, Ex Big 4 Senior Tax Manager

  • Paulo Renato Dallagnol

    Paulo Renato Dallagnol

    Legal Adviser

    Intellectual Property Lawyer
    Copyright & Blockchain

  • Charles Becquet

    Charles Becquet


    Marketing Executive
    Photostock Industry Expert

  • Chang Liu

    Chang Liu

    Assoc. Prof. at Ohio University

    Decentralized Software
    Engineering researcher

  • Alex Fedosseev

    Alex Fedosseev


    CEO & Founder at 1World Online and Mentor at Google LaunchPad

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is photochain a new blockchain?

    Photochain is a DApp, a decentralised application, built on top of the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS protocol. Photochain is its own closed system that operates on the computing power of the ethereum virtual machine.

  • What is the DCC and how does it reduce copyright issues?

    The Digital Copyright Chain is to be a database that is stored on the blockchain. The purpose of this database is to maintain data that securely links a digital work to its artist. Such a system will reduce the number of copyright infringements as ownership is easily identifiable.

  • How can I get involved as a contributor?

    Please contact us if you would like to contribute digital photography to our alpha version (to be released Q1 2018). Photochain V.1. will be live in Q2 2018, where you will be able to sign up directly on the Dapp.

  • How can i get involved as a supporter?

    We will be holding a private Pre-sale soon. Leave your email below and we’ll be in touch shortly with more information on how to receive your bonus.

  • Will any more tokens be issued after the crowdsale?

    No, all unsold photons will be burnt. In the interest of fairness, no new tokens are to be issued after the crowdsale.

  • What is the motivation for photochain?

    Through our own personal dissatisfaction of dealing with the complicated nature of off-chain photostocks. Where you must agree to a range of conditions imposed on you, only for you to take home a small percentage of your works. Photochain is motivated to provide a fair marketplace for the trading of digital works.

  • Will the Photon token be exchange listed and tradable?

    We will also build our own internal exchange mechanism in due course. Due to the popularity, we assume that exchanges will be interested to list the Photon tokens also on their exchanges.

  • Who are the competitors?

    Lately a competitor appeared called Wemark. They show so far only aggressive targets in terms of ICO but no whitepaper or working demo version. Additionally they do not only focus on stock photography but on all types of media, which is in our opinion a very ambitious target.

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