About Photochain

Photochain was created by a group of passionate photographers, IT professionals, Cyber Security experts, and Technology company executives - including Shutterstock, LinkedIn, eBay, PayPal. Together we believe that photographers deserve a better deal, and agencies and companies buying photography deserve a better service. Our mission is to leverage our collective expertise in the industry and combine it with cutting edge AI and Blockchain Technology, to make this better world a reality for all participants in the stock photography industry.


  • Idea and business case

    Develop business plan

    Market research

  • Prototyping

    • Development of the DApp prototype

    • Start to form team

  • Crowdfunding and development

    • Marketing and preparation activities

    • Get support from blockchain and photography community

    • Start to form advisory team

    • New partnerships

    • Onboarding Beta Customers/Advocates

    • Prepare Crowdsale platform

    • Participation at different sturtup and industry events

    • Regulatory compliance

    • New collaboration in the photography industry

    • Minting of Photon tokens at the end of the ICO

  • Prepare go-to market

      • Continue developing Photochain application

      • Mainstream adoption campaigns for Photography industry

      • Expand development team

      • Photography influencer support campaign

      • Trading Smart Contracts on Ethereum Mainnet

      • Adoption of Photon token/fiat exchange

      • Implementation of new IP Rights management

      • Acquisition campaigns (photography stocks) for fast scaling

      • Prepare operational services

  • Launch Platform

      • Photochain API for better integration with other services

      • Partnering with a famous brand in the photography industry

      • Photochain Web - DApp 1.0 with basic functionality on main OS

      • Launch support services

  • Business Development

      • Client growth strategy

      • Accept new forms of payments

      • 3rd Party Integrations

      • Integrating with other media blockchain DApps

      • Simplifying of UI

      • Paid microservices for strong revenue

  • Market Expansion

    • Readiness for the complete mass adoption

    • blockchain as protocol in the background

    • Partnerships with agencies

    • Stabilizing the vitality of Photochain ecosystem

    • Supporting hardware gadget for Photochain

    •  (camera support for the uploading the photo direct to Photochain)

  • Market Domination

    • Photochain DApp becomes a standard for the fair photography trading


  • Stanislav Stolberg

    Stanislav Stolberg

    Co-Founder, CEO

    InfoSec Consultant
    Digital Transformation Manager

  • Charles Becquet

    Charles Becquet

    Co-Founder, COO

    Marketing Executive
    Photostock Industry Expert

  • Dylan Sharkey

    Dylan Sharkey

    VP Sales

    Ex LinkedIn & Enterprise Ireland

  • Dr. Jeannette Heinert

    Fredi Lienhardt


    Professional Photographer, Entrepreneur InsurTech, Passion for digital & technologies

  • Sebastian Schuhl

    Sebastian Schuhl


    Digital / Online Marketing Professional

  • Dr. Jeannette Heinert

    Dr. Jeannette Heinert


    Doctor of Medicine
    Blockchain Enthusiast

  • Artur Gugelew

    Artur Gugelew

    Financial Strategy Manager

    Financial Engineer
    Cash & Derivatives Exchange Specialist

  • Yaroslav Pyptiuk

    Yaroslav Pyptiuk

    UI/UX Designer

    User interface, usability, interaction design and user experience

  • Danylo Golovanchuk

    Danylo Golovanchuk

    Front-End Developer

    Experienced web developer of beautiful and optimized web applications and sites

  • Dariusz Szewczyk

    Dariusz Szewczyk

    Senior Java Developer

    10+ years of professional experience in developing various kinds of applications

  • Adam Gaj

    Adam Gaj

    Senior Java Developer, Cycler and Squash Player

    Main field of expertise is backend development based on Spring Framework and JEE

Advisory Board

  • Alexander Sverdlov

    Lee Willson

    Blockchain Advisor

    Blockchain Ambassador

  • Alexander Sverdlov

    Marcin Dziedzic

    Software architecute advisor

    Co-founder at Pragmatic Coders
    Agile Ambassador

  • Alexander Sverdlov

    Wiktor Żołnowski

    Blockchain Development Advisor

    Co-Founder of Pragmatic Coders - an awesome Disruptive Technology Software House

  • Alexander Sverdlov

    Alexander Sverdlov

    Security Adviser

    Cyber Security Strategy

  • Lars Schulze

    Lars Schulze

    Digital Marketing Advisor

    Crowdsale & Digital Marketing Advisor with 20+ years in Online Marketing businesses

  • Paulo Renato Dallagnol

    Paulo Renato Dallagnol

    Legal Adviser

    Intellectual Property Lawyer
    Copyright & Blockchain

  • Alex Fedosseev

    Jared Polites

    Stratgey and PR Adviser

    Blockchain Marketing

    Former FBI Analyst

    Go-To-Market Strategist

  • Alex Fedosseev

    Roberto Capodieci

    Blockchain and Investor Relations Advisor

    Blockchain Tech Expert - Founder @ BlockchainZoo.com

  • Alex Fedosseev

    Alex Fedosseev


    CEO & Founder at 1World Online and Mentor at Google LaunchPad

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We just launched our decentralized beta prototype which runs on a real Ethereum blockchain testnet. This is the first step to handling licensing, copyright, and trading of images through smart contracts.

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