Photochain Business Model

The Problem with current platforms

Photographers on existing photo stock platforms find it hard to make money from their work (traditional stock platforms pay on average 25% of royalties to the photographers), are restricted from setting their own prices and have low control of licensing. They also experience long periods for payout and low process efficiency.

  • Content buyers suffer from low control of content licensing, difficulty in proving the trusted licensing documentation of the content. They experience chaos regarding the licensing and copyright management of their content, ending up in a mess. This might result in claims and steal unnecessarily working time. Also, buyers spend a lot of money on high-priced content.

The Photochain Solution

Photochain creates a Win-Win situation for seller and buyer

Existing photo stock providers operate very inefficiently, having a cost of 90% per sold picture. The usage of the public blockchain as a “world copyright and license database”, efficient AI for classification, AI moderation of the images, development of the novel AI algorithms for visual aesthetics and token paid microservices; combine to allow Photochain to be highly automated and have efficient services and processes.

The dramatically reduced fee taken by Photochain will result mechanically in a price reduction for the buyer. Buyers will pay less for the same content and photographers will earn more.

Token allocation chart

Photon Smart Contract

pragma solidity ^0.4.21;
import { MintableToken } from "./MintableToken.sol";
contract PhotonToken is MintableToken {
    string public name = "PhotonToken";
    string public symbol = "PHT";
    uint256 public decimals = 18;
    uint256 public maximumSupply = 230 * 10**6 * 10**decimals;
    function PhotonToken()
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Photochain DAPP

Have you tried our beta prototype, yet?

We just launched our decentralized beta prototype which runs on a real Ethereum blockchain testnet. This is the first step to handling licensing, copyright, and trading of images through smart contracts.

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