ICO Relaunch Announcement

Dear Photochain Community,

We have some important updates regarding the Photochain Token Sale and our Prototype Release.

As you know, we paused our ICO on June 8 to focus all of our resources on building out a fully decentralized prototype of our platform within eight weeks after the pause. The aim was to further develop a profound and functional MVP (Minimum Viable Product) to show a proof of concept to existing and future contributors. Today, we can proudly announce that we are only a few days away from achieving this ambitious goal and that we will be able to present a first working MVP of our platform within next days.

As the past eight weeks have been very intense on developing the MVP, we had to take a step back in terms of ICO preparation and promotion though. In addition, we significantly progressed on business development side with enlarging our early contributor circle and with the acquisition of key cooperation partners that will be announced soon. Hence, for the good of the company, our backers, and the community, we will allow ourselves another two weeks to prepare the resumption of the ICO - building up great awareness and focussing on Marketing and PR efforts in order to restart the ICO with a “big bang”.

Today marks the start of our two weeks long ICO Relaunch Preparation Phase. Consequently, the ICO will assuredly resume on August 17, 2018. As stated previously, there will be 22 remaining days of the main sale after the continuation. Hence, the ICO will close on September 8, 2018.

We fully understand the discomfort this delay might cause for some of you. We hope you understand that pausing the ICO eight weeks ago was a crucial business decision, which in retrospective proved to be incredibly valuable for the development of our company. We have received a lot of positive comments and encouragement from our community after the pause and we hope that your trust in us remains unbroken.

We appreciate the great ongoing support from you, our community, and assure you that we are doing our absolute best to build a great decentralized product that will transform the way digital art is being traded.

Thank You!

The Photochain Team

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