Dear Photochain Community

Today we are announcing some important news, regarding the Photochain Token Sale. 

But first let us give you the current state of play:

-We are working hard on developing further our platform to be a fully working Alpha Release, therefore reaching a more mature status already during our main sale.
-We are in negotiation with larger Venture Capital and Crypto Fund investors from Europe and Asia- they are very interested in our solution but they want to see the next increment of our platform.
-We believe that larger funding would be very beneficial for all stakeholders of Photochain, including our backers that already contributed to our token sale.
-We want to focus our efforts on the business and product development and real business transformation- currently the ICO is consuming all resources and not allowing us to do so.

Therefore, we start with pause end of tomorrow, Friday, 08 June (CET), for a maximum period of 8 weeks. If we achieve our goals earlier, we will resume also earlier.
We know that delays are in general undesirable and we want to keep the token sale pause also as short as possible but in the best interest of the overall success of Photochain.

After the continuation of the sale, there are 22 remaining days of the mainsale. We will send to all stakeholders a weekly development status update which documents our progress. Next to this we will emphasise on business development to increase our early contributor community, as well as to acquire further agencies as buyers. We are convinced that we can make significant progress on all three layers (funding, solution development as well as business development) with this approach in a comparably short period of extra time.

We count on you, our community for your continuous support of our ambitious mission to disrupt the stock photography market, and know we can rely on your understanding of the measures taken.
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