Photochain Tokens have been minted and distributed!

Dear Photochain Community,

We are thrilled to announce that the Photochain PHT token has been minted and distributed. After thorough and robust testing of the minting smart contract, we have distributed PHT to all verified participants and stakeholders.

Please check that you have received your tokens by viewing your ERC20 compatible wallet (e.g. MyEtherWallet, Trezor, Ledger Nano etc.) through Etherscan and selecting “ERC20 Tokens”.

Bounty Programme (

Bounty hunters received their PHT as per the final list checked by Token Suite. As we outsourced the entire Bounty Programme and rewards to them, all questions, liability and concerns regarding bounties must be directed to this third party company Token Suite only. No Photochain employee has any information about the bounty participants or rewards.

Exchange Listing

Regarding the Photochain exchange strategy, we will list initially on decentralized exchanges like Bancor or EtherDelta to provide liquidity to our early supporters. In parallel we will continue our discussions and negotiations with several of the high liquidity, centralized Asian exchanges.

We will not rush to list quickly on a centralized exchange as we do not wish to see a large dump due to the current crypto bear market where many other high quality projects are down by more than 95%. Additionally, we want to negotiate a good deal so that we do not burn several hundred thousand dollars on one or two exchanges when those funds can be used to build a sustainable and long term growing project.

Developing a Fiat Currency Exchange

Excitingly, Photochain is also at the final stage of developing an internal fiat / PHT token exchange along with some of our partners. As a result, our platform will be open to all buyers of stock photography (not just crypto experts) and this also allows our photographers to quickly and easily cash out; all while ensuring the centrality of the PHT utility token in every single transaction on the Photochain platform! More details on this unique and proprietary solution to be announced in the coming weeks.

This is Just the Beginning!

Finally, we want to ensure that the value of the PHT remains robust as we roll out the platform and our exchange strategy. We would ask you to HODL strong during these crucial early days until the real value of PHT and the Photochain becomes realised through our business development, fiat integration, and global expansion!

Thank you all again for your ongoing tremendous support as we continue to build one of the most exciting projects of the decade, with a genuine use case for the blockchain!

The Photochain Team

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